Where to buy veggie products in France (1)

In honour of me stumbling upon Eat Real crisps yesterday, I’ve created this list of vegan options available at one of the most popular supermarkets in France: Carrefour

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Carrefour is your best friend when it comes to finding pretty much everything you need to live a happy veggie life. Prices tend to be cheaper than “specialized” shops such as Naturalia or La Vie Claire. Carrefour is where I go (and you should too) for basics such as milk, yoghurts, cooking sauces, tofu and the already made vegan meal when I’m feeling lazy.

Some examples of vegan (or carrying vegan options ) brands available at Carrefour:

  • Nature & Moi
  • Alpro – Yogurts, milk, cream and sauces
  • Herta – Soy steak
  • Eat Real – Crisps
  • Bjorg – Yogurts and Milk
  • Granarolo – Everything tofu and seitan related
  • Sojasun – Yogurts, spreadable cheese
  • Amy’s Kitchen – For your veggie steaks
  • Carrefour veggie – The supermarket’s brand which carries “easy access” options such as vegan nuggets, falafels, steak, cordon bleu
  • Very G! – 100% vegan brand carrying vegan pizzas, chocolate desserts, sandwiches, vegan cheeses etc. However, it is PRICEY. To give you an idea, the focaccia is almost 4€. Handy if you’re in a hurry but otherwise I’d pass as there are way cheaper options out there.

I’ve heard that some Carrefour also carry Ben&Jerry vegan ice cream flavours but haven’t had the pleasure of finding them so far.

Don’t hesitate to step outside the organic shelves (which in France are called Bio) and have a look where you wouldn’t normally stop. You’ll find vegan cheese next to regular blue cheese, Alpro options next to full-fat yoghurts and vegan pesto sauce next to the spicy Bolognese jar.

Can’t wait to find that ice cream!


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  1. Sheree says:

    Geant/Casino have broadly expanded their Bio sections as have Lidl!

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Yoohoo I need to go ASAP!!


    2. Sheree says:

      Should have said Bio and Vegan options!

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