Best True Crime Podcasts & Youtube channels 2018

Hi Everyone,

Today I have something different for you.

You know how obsessed I am with true crime and horror stories. I have never been able to get into audiobooks but I like a little bit of background noise when working (out), cleaning and cooking especially.

About a year ago or so (I know, I’m late to the party), I started listening to podcasts. I started with “Conversation with people who hate me” and progressively moved to “The Black Tapes“. Two different topics but both truly entertaining in their own way.

Right after that, I became obsessed with “Sword & Scale”, a true crime podcast which covers everything from murder stories, gun violence, cult stories and reenactments. I have to admit, I’ve had to take a break from listening more than once as the stories told can be heavy.

The most interesting story: H.H Holmes, Episode 30

PS: Kudos to the host for making listening to ads entertaining 

Spotify brought to my recommended my favourite true crime podcast to this day: Casefile. Casefile is an Australian podcast, hosted by an anonymous host. The stories can be longer than Sword and Scale, some lasting two to four episodes. What I like the most about this podcast are the interviews, the frequent case status updates and the incredible storytelling.

The most interesting story: The East Area Rapist, Case 53 (who was caught this year FYI)


I watch way too much Youtube (living three years without a TV will do that to you) and whilst I love rewatching the same videos over and over again, it was time for me to expand my horizons and look for good true crime storytellers on the platform.

I started by watching Be. Busta, Lazy Masquerade, Let’s read who specialize more in Horror stories and gradually moved to the Youtubers below.

I have a profound respect for Cayleigh Elise, from her simple cinematography and amazing empathic way of talking about not a case but a person, dead or missing. She has series in unsolved cases, subscribers stories and a personal favourite of mine called Nameless.

Danelle Hallan was in my recommended. I was watching a Kendall Rae video when I saw Danelle Hallan’s video on Natalee Holloway. If you’re not familiar with the case, she disappeared in the Caribbean. She was declared legally dead but her remains have never been found.

Danelle, just like Cayleigh is a good storyteller and has great research skills when it comes to talking about cases in detail. Lately, on top of true crime stories and mysterious disappearances, she’s been focusing on “urgent” missing person cases as in, more recent cases.

Faites entrer l’accusé is the last Youtube channel which I highly recommend. If you’re French, you probably know it but if not, it used to be a pretty popular show on TV about murder stories. I remember being on holiday with my parents, over ten years ago, watching the show for the first time ever. I was so scared, I hid all the knives I could find on top of the kitchen cabinets, terrorized at the idea of someone breaking in, The Stranger style, to kill us.

PS: Special Mention to Kendall Rae and Eleanor Neale, two amazing YouTubers which I also watch but didn’t make the list


As always, don’t hesitate to leave your recommendations below!


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  1. ellablakeyy says:

    I’ll be sure to listen to these! I love Eleanor Neale too, but I haven’t really branched out much further.

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  2. I never heard of it.


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