Is Missguided cruelty-free?

Hi you guys,

I hope you are all doing fantastic.

I was browsing Missguided website today and stumbled upon their beauty page.  I ended up looking at their contour kits and makeup sets and you know me, I had to know if Missguided makeup was safe to buy.

Looking at the product description and their FAQ, it looks like I wouldn’t find the answer on their website.


Which is always a bad sign if you ask me. I applaud Missguided and its effort to not photoshop the models and I understand that the brand is primarily clothes oriented. However, more information on their own makeup line would be a positive thing (duh).

So I opened a new page and asked Google: “Tell me, is Missguided makeup cruelty-free?”

Here is what I got:

Looks like I had to pursue my quest for answers somewhere else. So I took to Twitter. I typed: “Missguided cruelty-free” and finally got some answers.

Here is what Twitter had to say:




So what do you think? Their Twitter customer service account confirmed that the range was cruelty-free in 2016 and in October of this year.

Do you feel comfortable buying their makeup or would you rather wait until they make it official on their website?



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  1. karajames14 says:

    I always feel really iffy about buying from brands that aren’t up front about their cruelty free status. Cruelty free is a selling point so it looks like they would want to advertise that.

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  2. I wish they would make it official on their website, I feel like you shouldn’t have had to look so hard for an answer!

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  3. Amanda says:

    Me too, I would feel sketched if it’s not clearly stated. I’ve worked in cosmetics for many years and I used to work for companies who claimed to be cruelty free and we would even tell customers we were cruelty free even though we sold to China so we definitely we’re not cruelty free. I don’t trust them unless it’s very clear and the logo helps!

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Omg no way!! That’s fucked up. Yeah before I was way more trusting but ever since the “how faux is your faux fur” scandal, I tend to question everything !


      1. Amanda says:

        Good idea. Our precious dollars is the best way we can show companies we approve or disapprove of their practices, but first we gotta make sure we know what we’re supporting! Keep up the good work 👍🏽

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  4. beautyandthewifelife says:

    This is great post. You have really done your research. Grateful for people like you x

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Grateful to have you here!

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