Spring 2017 MakeUp: Keeping it simple


Hey Everyone,

I hope it is not too late to make a little spring makeup essential.

I have been working on reducing the amount of makeup (and packaging) I wear. I want to focus on skincare more as summer is approaching (too fast) and the sun will damage my skin big time (just doing a little prevention you know).

So lately I have been keeping it simple. Mascara, red lips and a touch of highlight. It has been amazing to let my skin “breathe” and let’s be honest, a touch of red on the lips always make you look put together.

Here is what I have been using pretty much every day for the past months:


  • Aromazone Mica Poudre D’or  (£2.10)
  • KIKO Eyebrow Wax Fixing Pencil (£5.90)
  • E.L.F Aqua Beauty Gel Lip Stain in Rouge Radiance (£4.00)
  • Barry M Matte Me Up (POP UP) (£4.99)
  • The Body Shop Lip Balm in Honey Bronze (£6.00)
  • Rituals Hand Balm: Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil (sample but the big bottle costs £9.50)

I talked about the Aromazone product in an old post and as you can see it is still going. The powder is odorless, very fine and mixed with a little bit of concealer or day cream, it will give you a soft but noticeable shine.


KIKO Eyebrow wax is a must if you’re lazy but want to gain some control over your damn bushy brows.

I always have extreme phases when it comes to my eyebrows. I either like them super defined Anastasia Beverly Hills style or just brushed, all natural. This wax is a good in between, it’s transparent, thin and it will allow you to shape your eyebrows or cover the bald spots here and there.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze balm is always in my bag. The smell is not my favorite. To me, it doesn’t really smell like honey, more like a sugary creamy concealer scent if that makes any sense to you.

It is not completely transparent and leaves you with a shiny, hydrating layer. On darker skins (I tried it on my two friends), it will look like a nude lip liner with a shiny finish. 


Next on the list is e.l.f.

I purchased this Aqua Gel Stain about two months ago I believe. When I tried it, I was not a fan. I thought this was the most stupid thing ever created and it would come off my lips after one sip of water.

I have been starting to appreciate it a bit more. I treat it as an added value to my red lipsticks. For example, on top of the Barry M in Paparazzi or Pop Up.

The only downsides for me are the chemical smells and the price really. I’ll be using it until it’s empty but I don’t think I will be buying it again. If you guys know of a great lip topper, lip stain product, let me know!


Barry M Matte Me Up liquid lipsticks have been amazing to me. I don’t like the nudes at all, I hate the way they look on me but I am an absolute fan of the two reds.

I have watched the one I wear the most for you guys: POP UP. It swatches beautifully, looks pigmented on the lips, doesn’t smudge and last a long time!

For the quality, it is a bargain. The color is in between red and pink and I believe the bundle with all five liquid lipsticks is £15.00.

Last but not least: Rituals Hand Balm.

I know it is only a sample but I have been loving the brand. I talked about it before but if you can get your hands on their gift boxes or even their shower products, you will not regret it.

Everything they come out with is great. I tried scrubs, gels, makeup, perfume etc and I have never been disappointed by the brand.

The balm smells more like roses than almond, it is completely matte and will leave your hands hydrated for hours.

Lots of Kisses



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  1. Gluecksgeist says:

    I love Rituals products! They smell so good. Great post, x

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  2. fashopolitan says:

    awesome blog and posts!!!

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      You’re too sweet 😊

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