B. Skincare: Cruelty-Free and Affordable

Hi, you guys!

How are you?

I am very excited for this post! Finally, 100% cruelty-free skincare products (with the little bunny everywhere) that deserves to be talked about.

I bet you all remember my huge flop post with the brand Simple. Today is the day I redeem myself and show you some real-ass cruelty-free skincare goodies that I have been using for about a month.

B. is a certified cruelty-free brand. I was actually browsing Superdrug’s website when I stumbled onto B. I think that if after this post, if you consider looking into the brand, do your research online first as in stores, the products kinda get lost within the sea of brands available.

What is interesting about B.skincare line is that you can either shop by age range or targeted solutions and cleansing.

For example, you can choose from 20s to 30s (Phase 1), 30s (Phase 2), ect to 60s and beyond or scroll down to browse all their products.
Naturally, I started with  20s to 30s. I picked up several products which I thought would be a good fit for me.

My skin has been EXTRA dry lately. Especially around the mouth and between my eyebrows. I don’t know if this is due to the pill, waxing or lack of moisture but I needed this fix asap. I was also in need of a good night treatment thingy.

Here is what I got:


From left to right:

B. Confident Night Serum – £4.69

B. Confident Hyaluronic Acid Spritz – £3.95

B. Radiant Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil – £6.95

B. Confident Moisture Gel – £4.95

I love all products I bought.

The moisture gel is fine, it does the job but my skin feels itchy for about 30 seconds every time after I put it on. I don’t know if it is because I tend to over exfoliate and it has made my skin very sensitive but it isn’t the most pleasant feeling. However, the gel is a nice twist and the itchiness quickly disappear, especially after I apply the Boost Facial Oil.

This Oil is a new favorite. I rub 2 drops between my palms to warm everything up and apply it on my cheeks, neck, and chin. I do it twice a day, morning and evening before bed and my skin is glowing.

I was a bit hesitant about putting “oil” on my face, especially on my chin and it actually paid off.

The Confident Hyaluronic Acid Spritz, I haven’t used much. It is described as a moisturizing facial spray you can use over makeup which is what I did. Whilst the spray feels nice on the face and gave me a nice glowy-dewy look, I think it would be more interesting to try it out when I go to Spain and my skin experiences very hot weather.

The last item is The Night Serum. I clean my face with a regular soap (got mine from LUSH) and apply the night serum before bed every night.

I noticed results after about a week. The dry little patches around my mouth slowly disappeared and it helped my skin a great deal.

If you are interested in seeing the products a bit closer, I don’t mind posting some quick videos on my Instagram for you (let me know).

Lots of Kisses


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  1. Jackie Nguyen says:

    I’m currently testing out beauty counter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      How is it working out for you so far? 😊


      1. Jackie Nguyen says:

        I love that it’s healthier for my skin. your product looks great too but I can’t get it here

        Liked by 1 person

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