Superdrug cruelty-free makeup 2017

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I said I would do Sephora after Boots but Sephora will take a lot more time as I want to do skincare as well.  Fingers crossed I’ll be done with it by the end of this month.

I hope this list will help some of you out.

As always, I am not a reference at all in terms of cruelty-free makeup. I am mostly writing this post as a reminder that cruelty-free makeup is everywhere and not as expensive as people like to say.

PS: I have tried to leave the one I have even the smallest doubt about (could be lack of official statement, a blogger contacting them or PETA and getting a standard/vague answer)

Let’s just jump into it!

Barry M

Official statement: 

Here at Barry M, we love cosmetics but we love animals too. Beauty with compassion has been at the heart of our company since 1982 so that’s why we’re proudly supporting Humane Society International’s global Be Cruelty-Free campaign, the largest campaign in history to achieve a worldwide end to animal testing for cosmetics.

– See more at:

Vegan products: Yes (vegan symbol on products without ingredients such as beeswax)

Featured on: &


Collection Cosmetics

Official Statement:

Collection Cosmetics, or any third party acting on our behalf, has never conducted and will never conduct any animal testing on any of our products.

The European safety assessments conducted on our products do not require animal test data.

Vegan products:

Yes. Clink on this link for a complete list of their products suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Featured on: Buzzfeed


Official Statement:

We love our furry friends! Our products are PETA certified, meaning we are 100% cruelty free and vegan.

Vegan products: Yes

Featured On: PETA&Bustle


Official Statement:

We are 100% Cruelty Free. None of our brands are tested on animals.

Tam Beauty website (makeup revolution & Freedom owner)

Vegan products: No mention of vegan products on the website. I am afraid we need to look up ingredients to find out. I do not own products from Freedom so if you do, let me know!

Featured on: Bunny Free Blogger

PS: Tam Beauty also owns I heart MakeUp which you can find at Superdrug. 100% Cruelty-free.

GOSH Copenhagen

Official statement: 

GOSH Cosmetics does not use animals to test any of our products or ingredients. Neither do we commission others to perform animal tests. Moreover it is prohibited by European law to test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals.

Vegan products: Yes, here is the list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly products.

Featured on: The Vegan Taff & Ethical Elephant


Lottie London

Official Statement:

We can confirm that we have a strict policy against animal testing and we’re pleased to say that we are a PETA accredited cruelty-free brand (and can be found on their list of cruelty-free companies). We do not sell our products in China and no animal testing is performed on our products/ingredients on our behalf.

Vegan products: Yes but no list on the website

Most of our products are vegan friendly, however some of our make up range uses bee’s wax. Please refer to our ingredients lists for a full breakdown of vegan/non-vegan products.

Featured on: Buzzfeed

Makeup Revolution

Official Statement:

We are 100% Cruelty Free. None of our brands are tested on animals.

Tam Beauty

Vegan products: Nothing online to prove that they do or don’t. We will have to check the ingredients for each product/ wait for an official statement or list.

Featured on: The Vegan Taff & Bunny Free Blogger

Models Own 

Official Statement: 

Our approach to animal testing is simple. We don’t do it. We don’t test our finished products or ingredients on any animals. End of story. In fact, our products are totally vegan where possible.

Models Own

Vegan products: Yes

Featured on: Bunny Free Blogger 


Official Statement:

We can confirm our products are not tested on animals and are 100% cruelty free.

Our products are not Vegan or Vegetarian suited as some of the ingredients are derived from sources not accepted by Vegans or Vegetarians. 

Unfortunately we can not confirm fully whether our products contain any animal by-products, mainly due to when developing a product you would set out with specific claims such as this in mind and brief raw material suppliers accordingly.

To confirm whether the whole product contains by-products after production would entail us asking for breakdowns for every ingredient which would take a lot of time and additional expense to come to the conclusion. As this is not a specific claim we are marketing and it is not an EU cosmetic requirement we would not want to pursue this additional research.

Thank you for your interest in MUA and I hope this info helps.

The brand official answer to Ethical Elephant

Vegan products: No

Featured on: Ethical Elephant & The Vegan Taff

Nip & Fab

Official Statement: 

Our products are not tested on animals.


Vegan products: Yes.

All our products are Vegan-Friendly except the following products:

Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe – Bee Sting Fix Eye – Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask – Bee Sting Fix Body Souffle – Instant Radiance Fix – Moisture Fix – Body Butter Coconut Latte – Body Butter Mango Smoothie – Body Butter Pistachio Sunday – Stiletto Fix – Body Butter Cherry Tarte – CC Eye Fix


Featured on: ASOS & Cruelty-Free Kitty

Sleek MakeUp

Official Statement:

We do not conduct tests on animals.


Vegan products: Yes

Featured on: The Vegan Taff & Bunny Free Blogger

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Official Statement:

nope we would never test on animals! our products are completely cruelty free

(taken from the brand official Twitter)

Vegan products: No ingredients list available online. No official list either.

Featured on: Bunny Free Blogger & Logical Harmony

The Balm Cosmetics

Official Statement: 

Talc-free shadows & blushes • paraben-free • cruelty-free

The Balm

Thank you for your email! We do not test our products on animals, suppliers of raw materials used in our products certified that they have not been tested on animals since December 31, 1990 and our products have not been tested on animals. Our line of cosmetics is not considered a vegan line as some of our ingredients may have animal byproducts (such as bees wax or carmine) but do not contain any ruminant extracts or derivatives.

Distributors of theBalm Cosmetics from all over the world do not test our products on animals. Let me know if you have any further questions!

The brand official answer to Cruelty Free Kitty

Vegan products: Yes (no official list but Ethical Elephant made one. The list is from 2015 so it would need to be updated)

Featured on: Cruelty Free Kitty & Ethical Elephant

If I have forgotten a brand, let me know.

If you want to know why I haven’t included some brands, even if they seem to be cruelty-free, let me know as well and I’ll try to give you some explanatory links.

Lots of Kisses



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  1. aaziyashafi says:

    Very informative! Loved reading it.

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  2. irambb says:

    Hi, thanks for letting me know Barry M and Gosh Cosmetics have vegan products listed clearly! Superdrugs own brand B. is also 100% vegan and they sell mainly brushes. Xx

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