Is Primark make up​ cruelty-free?

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all doing okay.

When I was in Bournemouth, I needed a quick lipstick to go to dinner and I honestly didn’t feel like spending an enormous amount of money (not that I usually do but you know what I mean).

I went to Superdrug and almost bought another Barry M liquid lipstick (I already have the bundle) when I thought, why not check out Primark.

I knew Primark had makeup and in my mind it was cruelty-free. So on my way there, I checked the web for an answer and here is what I found:

Primark does not conduct and does not commission any animal testing. Our terms of trade with suppliers make it clear that cosmetic products and their ingredients must not be tested on animals.

Following concerns about animal welfare and the use of angora in clothing, the company has ceased ordering all products that contain angora.

So I bought their £3.00 liquid lipstick kit in the shade “Chocolate Brownie”, similar in terms of color to my brown NYX liquid suede.

The lipstick held up fine through dinner, a movie, and a nap. I did have to apply a second layer to really get the “matte” effect.

Please excuse my skin and neck pillow, I was writing the article when I realized that I had no picture to show you guys. So I quickly exfoliated my lips, put on some balm and applied the lipstick.

I will show you the liquid lipsticks I got from Barry M very soon. I got them over a month (maybe even two) ago but I really wanted to test them all out before writing about them.

Lots of Kisses


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  1. Thank you for the follow, returning the love and following I like that shade of lipstick!! 💋💄


  2. erinlovestofu says:

    Primark might not test on animals but nothing in their store is cruelty-free. Not only are their horrific human rights abuses in the production of their products but their whole supply chain is environmentally damaging. Loss of habitat due to deforestation and pollution causes enormous death and suffering of animals in the wild. You should watch The True Cost (it’s on Netflix if you have that) to find out more. You can also check the Ethical Consumer site which rates companies and makes it a lot easier to make good choices

    I am not trying to be preachy, just sharing information! It’s clear you are making on effort to make good choices which I totally respect 🙂

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Hey 😊 definitely will. I was reviewing the makeup but I haven’t looked into the store as a whole. Thanks for letting me know 😊


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