A day and a half in Bournemouth


Hi Everyone,

How are you?

I said I would have this post up by the end of the week and I do! I finally managed to find time to sit down on Friday night and gather all the pretty pictures I took last weekend.

Bournemouth was actually a surprise from me to my boyfriend. I wanted to do something nice before our busy exam period (coming up in two weeks until the end of May) and a quick trip next to the sea sounded like the perfect idea.

I found the hotel on lastminute.com, booked the cheapest bus tickets I could find and we left around noon on Friday morning.

The bus trip was relatively pleasant, 2h45 mins which felt like half an hour since I spent most of the ride sleeping.

The Hotel is located a short walk away from the coach station (15 mins to 20 mins if you take your time), 5 mins away from the beach and 10 mins away from the city center.

I was very excited to stay at this hotel for two main reasons: the eco-friendly environment and the restaurant’s menu.



The room was small but functional and cozy. We had a little view of the green garden and were offered homemade biscuits when we checked in.



We hadn’t booked a table but when we saw the menu, we decided to book one for 7.45pm.

I didn’t take pictures of dinner (I know I never do) but I had the only Vegan dish on the menu: “Peanut Satay Tofu with Lemongrass and Coconut Risotto and Parsnip Purée”. Delicious!


And my mandatory glass of wine

Bournemouth is a sweet town but I didn’t like it as much as I liked York for instance. The seaside and its businesses just looked at bit sad to me. However, people were friendly and the walk from the hotel to the sea was gorgeous.



I have a video of the seaside on Instagram if you want to see more of Bournemouth.

I definitely liked being away from London. The more I get to see everywhere else, the more I realize that I need to live somewhere greener.

Lots of Kisses



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  1. mararegistre says:

    You should definitely come back when it is sunnier. From the pictures it looks like it was kinda gloomy.
    There’s not a lot of exciting things to do but it is pretty around here. Plus if you have a chance, check other places in Dorset.
    Good luck with your exams!
    Stay empowered, always. xx

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