A tiny Flying Tiger Haul

Hi Everyone,

How are we doing? Did you like the 7 days challenge?

I honestly am glad it is over. Blogging is definitely a weekend thing for me. Before I publish my monthly update article with our little poll, I thought I’d show you what I got whilst I was in Bournemouth (post coming about the hotel in 3 days).

It has become our tradition to go to Flying Tiger every time we visit a new town. I have no idea why. It started when we went to Bath last year for my birthday and since then, every time we see a Flying Tiger, we go in and buy something.

This time, we kept it light and bought things that were relevant to us at the time. The first thing I saw in the store was this big black bag for £1.00 next to the makeup section.


I love everything black and everything about this “pochette” which I find extremely convenient.

The second thing I saw was the massage ball which I had to buy with the China Balm. Bournemouth has its ups and downs and we had been walking for more than 2 hours at this point.

The two were more than welcome

And finally, the last thing I got was a candle. I am a big incents fan but the landlord does not allow them where I live so I had to resort to candles. I love Yanke Candles and haven’t found any yet in London (haven’t been looking actually). The one I picked up from Flying Tiger smells amazing.

I hope you liked this tiny Haul. The next post will be about The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth. I’ll try to write and publish it in 3 to 4 days.

Lots of Kisses



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  1. jessiewuvs says:

    Hey! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award – go and check it out ! https://jessiewuv.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/liebster-award-%F0%9F%8F%86/ 💁🏻 💕

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