Last Day of the challenge: The confessional

Hi Everyone,

It is finally here. The day I reveal some of my secrets to you guys.

I honestly don’t know where to start. Does it have to be serious? Can it be about anything? Do you guys want to know specific things about me?

I’ll just write down 5 things I think are very personal down below and if you have any burning questions, the comment section is always open.

  • I like to do my number 2 in complete darkness.

I know this is weird. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • 2. I am terrified of death

I can’t stomach people talking about death. I know it sounds selfish but I have the hardest time dealing with death. I don’t cry at funerals and I pretty much stay in denial until a tremendous amount of time later, I realize that the person is gone.

  • I do not sleep on my back because I’m scared of sleep paralysis

It might surprise you guys and frankly, I don’t even know if the way you sleep increases your chances to get sleep paralysis.
My sister has experienced it and she describes it as the worst thing that could happen to you when you are that vulnerable.

I’ll pass.

  • I can not stand cotton disks.

For the longest time, I would not wear nail polish because I knew that I would have to remove it with those terrifying cotton disks my mom kept in her bathroom.

Just the thought of cotton disks,pads, makes me want to puke.

  • I feel the need to report any disgusting comments that I am exposed to.

I am definitely a silent watcher on Youtube. I have never ever left a single comment and hateful ones bother me SO much. If I see a comment bullying, harrassing anyone on someone’s video, in French or in English, even if I don’t particularly care not like the Youtuber, I’ll report it.

I know it doesn’t really matter but just seeing it disappear from the section makes me feel better.

What are your confessions?



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