Day 5: The things I wish I had done differently

Hi Everyone,

I have to apologize for yesterday’s post going up so late (in London it was almost midnight when I published it). I had a challenging day at uni and when I got home, I went straight to bed for a nap but ended up waking up 4 hours later.

Today we are talking about the things I wish I had done differently.

I have given it some thought and even if lately, I haven’t had any regrets, I managed to find 3 things that I could have done differently or taken care of sooner.

 Going vegetarian

You live and you learn. I am so so glad that I finally got to make this connection but I thought about doing it long before I finally did.

And honestly, I think I was just making excuses and trying to relativise what I now find so natural.

So yes, I wished I had gone vegetarian sooner but who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have felt like sharing my journey to you guys.

Listen to my parents

Especially when it came to body image. Women have always been curvy in my family and I was stubborn.

Seeing my dad cry in front of one of my psychiatrists was honestly such a big eye-opener.

I wished I had listened to my parents. It would have all saved us a lot of time and tears.

Didn’t give up Spanish for English

At some point, I could speak 4 languages and now that I have moved to London, I can understand Spanish but when two tourists asked me for directions about 10 days ago, what came out was pathetic.

Thinking, Talking, Writing, Working & Studying in English every day is also making me question my french.

Lots of Kisses,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. potluckycom says:

    I was trying talking about what if I had of done things differently. It’s something many of us have thought one time or another. The fact that you are talking about it means that you are opening up about things you were quiet about. The recognition of those things and honesty leads to recovery and then change. Even as a parent I wish I had listened to them but more so I wish I listened to my heart.


  2. potluckycom says:

    Correction of comment by Poetluckycom…. I was just talking about…


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