Day 4: I am grateful for

Look at little 19 years old me, so naive and stupid.

Hi Everyone, day 4 is finally here!

I am running out of pictures for my thumbnails as you can see.

I am generally grateful for a lot of things but I’ve decided to tell you what I have been grateful for today.

The family cat came home!

This cat is my baby (although he is like 15 years old).

He was initially the neighbor’s cat but we noticed that as soon as they got two dogs, they abandoned Tequila (yes, his name is Tequila) and he was left on his own most of the time.

From there, we started feeding him every day, soon bought him everything necessary for him to be comfortable at ours and he kinda naturally moved in.

We took him to the vet several times, took care of him and he would always sleep with me at night and wander our garden during the day.

But last October, he disappeared (at this point, we had been taking care of him for around 8 to 9 years I believe) and we were all heartbroken.


My sister and dad looked everywhere, asked the neighborhood, the neighbor who said that he was coming back to live with them now and we left it at that.

Even my mom, who is not the biggest fan of animals was really sad about it. I could not do anything from London and I hoped and prayed he would come back to us.

The thing is, from October, we never saw him again. Tequila is an outdoor cat so we would often see him explore, sleep in the shed, he would accompany me every day to the end of the road and quickly go back home. So it was strange for us to see him disappear altogether.

By January, we honestly thought he was dead. He is an old cat after all and we thought that he just came back to his previous family to die peacefully.


Today, I got a Whatsapp video call from my sister. She was crying of happiness, Tequila gently purring on her lap and stretching his neck for more cuddles.

I don’t think I’ve never seen my sister so happy. Even my mom was happily explaining how she was coming home, opened the front door and saw Tequila rushing in after her, almost making her fall.

So so glad and grateful that my baby is home.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Lots of Kisses,


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  1. Great story. Cats are such wanderers, and honestly that’s what makes the perfect really.

    Im really glad this story had a happy ending. Great news.


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