Day 1: Get to know me better

Hi Everyone,

Well, this is weird, finally doing a get to know me better post, after over half a year of blogging.

Let’s just get into it!

I never know to talk about myself so please bear with me.

I think It is fair to talk about where I come from first before we get into who I am and what I do. I was born in France in the most amazing family. My mom is mixed-race from the Caribbean and my dad is white from Italy. My parents are the sweetest and strongest human beings I know. 

In a lot of ways, I am just like my dad. Quiet, sarcastic, always deep in my thoughts and sometimes socially awkward.

I am also like my mom. Always ready for an adventure, passionate about movies, loves my gossips, confident and somewhat optimistic about my future.

Add to the mix my own personality and you got yourself one confused introvert.

I moved to London for an internship two years ago and ended up staying. London brings me something that Paris was never able to. Discomfort.

Things move so fast over here that I have this urge to do good, be good and do my best to keep up. The city is overpriced but I could never resent it because of the people I’ve met and the numerous things I’ve done since I’ve been here.

I love to cook. And now that I am vegetarian, on the verge of becoming vegan, I have rediscovered why cooking is so fun and how creative you can be without hurting anyone.

I don’t feel the need to talk to my friends and see them all the time. They know I love them and will always be there if they reach out to me which is what matters.

In my 23 years of existence, I have been diagnosed with two eating disorders, one hernia, depression, and PCOS.

While I have everything pretty much under control, my internal and physical struggles got me where I am now and I am proud of myself.

I could make a list of things I like and dislike but tastes vary.My background and medical history will (unfortunately) never change.

Talk to you tomorrow



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  1. tutusandtofu says:

    We seem to have a bit in common! I have suffered from depression PCOS for long while now. Do you see a difference in your PCOS symptoms being vegetarian?

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Hello :). Since I was diagnosed a bit late (this year), I couldn’t tell you exactly. The only thing I have noticed is that going vegetarian as shorten and lighten my period. Taking a special pill however has helped tremendously with my symptoms (weight gain and hirsutism)

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      1. tutusandtofu says:

        That is awesome. I hope cutting out animal products has the same effect for me!

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  2. Hi! thanks for sharing! our blog is based in Paris and we created it for sharing vegan ways of life and because none of us is french! really cool that you are able to open up!

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  3. nattahsblog says:

    I’m so happy everytime someone decides to go plantbased. I think that it’s usually so much more fun to cook when you know that it didn’t have to hurt anyone. Almost everything I make is vegan and the few things that isn’t is usually because my boyfriend had a shitty day and needs a pick me up… I’m working on finding some way of getting him plantbased too but it’s going really slow :/

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    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Girl I have the same thing with my boyfriend. He eats everything I cook at home so vegan and vegetarian but always Binge on meat when he’s out with his friends 😔 .


      1. nattahsblog says:

        He will either eat what I cook or say meh and buy like a frozen pepperoni pizza because he didn’t like it… sometimes he just thinks it looks to weird to even try 😢 but I get it, before he met me he had barely eaten a vegetable in his life.

        Just be happy your’s open to eating it that’s a great start. And I guess you could find a way to sneak in why it’s better to eat plantbased and maybe he will eventually get it?


      2. MarcelleLuce says:

        yeah sometimes it makes me sad but you know, he has been more than supportive so as long as he keeps eating what I make haha.


      3. nattahsblog says:

        A supportive partner is the best kind of partner 🙂

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