A night in Brighton – Drakes Boutique Hotel

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing fantastic.

I didn’t stay long in Brighton. The trip was very last minute as we wanted to get away from London for a night.

It was my first time in Brighton and whilst I didn’t see much, I appreciated the seaside, the fresh air and loved the hotel.

After a 20 mins walk from Brighton station, we arrived at Drakes Hotel, sweaty and exhausted. The hotel faces the sea and is located roughly 5 mins away from the famous Brighton Piers.

Whilst it looks modest on the outside, the inside is clean, modern and cozy. We immediately went to see the concierge on duty this afternoon.
I don’t remember her name but she had a lovely smile, welcomed us to Brighton and showed us our room.

I have to say that my boyfriend booked the room. I had no idea what it looked like. I just wanted a room facing the sea and crossed my fingers hard before she opened the door.

She gave us a quick tour, said that she would be downstairs if we needed anything and closed the door.

The first thing I noticed was the bathtub. It was seating in the middle of the bedroom, facing the windows.


Saying that I was surprised would be an understatement. I am not a fan of baths in general (I find bathing in my own dirt disturbing) but I liked the idea of relaxing in warm water and watching TV at the same time.

The room was clean, modern and functional. The only downside for me was the blurred windows. It made the room a little sad and several times, I caught pigeons resting and staring blankly at the window.

Untitled design-19.png

I loved the bed. I love hugging a pillow when I sleep and the bed came with two enormous pillows. Left to the bed, next to the bathtub, we also had a little table/desk with a mirror where I did my makeup.

Untitled design-20.png

I was perplexed when I noticed that the toilet was also a shower. Let me explain, the shower head is above your head, right when you come in the bathroom, with the sink and a mirror in front of you and the toilet on the right.

Showehead somehere 1.png

I actually didn’t mind it that much. I took a shower before dinner and the toilet paper stayed impact (It was actually a big worry of mine). The floor was dry before I finished getting dressed (I was impressed, not gonna lie).

I did not take pictures during dinner (except the one for the thumbnail) as the restaurant is FAN-CY. They have a full vegetarian menu if you want to check it out (and I loved every single thing).

The room also comes with unlimited sparkling water, biscuits, tea and coffee. Shower goodies and useful kits.

Untitled design-21.png

The hotel’s door close early at night (we had to get in with our card after a post-meal walk around 10.40 pm). The hotel is quiet at night and we fell asleep pretty quickly.

It was definitely a welcome change from Central London where I hear drunk singing and puke noises every weekend until 7 am.

Brighton, we will be back!




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  1. Light Writes says:

    I really want to visit Brighton! 😍

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