23 feel good short sentences to start your day right

Today is Monday and we are all gonna have to face a new week. No matter what you do and where you are in the world, you need to know.. I feel you, man.

You know what’s going to wake you up better than your first sip of morning coffee ? The list down below. ( Ok maybe not but I am in a good mood and I wanted to share the love ).

“You can do it”

“Your bed is comfy, yes, but it will be here when you come home”

“Coffee is only a few steps away”

“Of course you can post a selfie today”

“Your face looks great”

“Look at this dog”


“33 days until Christmas”

“You made it to today, pretty awesome if you ask me !”

“You are getting wiser by the minute”

“Aren’t you grateful to have food every day?”

“Wow is it your real hair ?”

“Your lashes are so long !”

“Fantastic beasts is out”

“Free music all day long with Spotify”

“Your family and friends must be awesome”

“Don’t worry about your dirty dishes, that’s why we invented paper plates”

“How glad are you to get free access to world news every day ?”

“You spent another day without hurting animals”

“Can’t believe you have read all of this !”

“As you can tell I ran out of ideas”

“Thank you for reading though”

“Have a fantastic Monday”

“Because you definitely deserve it”

Lots of Kisses



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Light Writes says:

    Love this ☺️ “coffee is only a few steps away” always works for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MarcelleLuce says:

      Just watched your “we all have dreams ” video . Your voice is so relaxing ! I love it


      1. Light Writes says:

        Aw thanks! I was so anxious filming it, so it’s a little jumbled 😬 so nice to get feedback though! Thanks for watching ☺️


      2. MarcelleLuce says:

        Nooo it was really cool. Do you have a twitter or something like that ?


      3. Light Writes says:

        I don’t have twitter (not very good with social media!😋) but I do have instagram – do you? ☺️


      4. MarcelleLuce says:

        Same I suck at it. No I don’t have Instagram 😦


      5. Light Writes says:

        Aw damn 😔


      6. MarcelleLuce says:

        Shoot ! Well I guess we will keep talking on here then


      7. Light Writes says:

        Haha, yes ☺️ but we will have to let each other know if we venture into any new medias!

        Liked by 1 person

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