What is the best policy when it comes to animal cruelty ?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing fantastic.

I want to chat with you all about something that has been bugging me lately.

You probably don’t know but I am a post graduate student in marketing and I love love love content creation and analyzing any content that comes my way.

Whilst I am not really active on Twitter and Facebook ( I mostly retweet and like ), I am still on it every day, constantly connected, watching what’s going on and scrolling through an enormous amount of posts and information.

I do follow PETA on Twitter just because I like to know what’s happening in “my world”, and PETA is also one of the most regular vegan news/ animal cruelty related account that I have found so far.

I do have to say something. I do not appreciate being exposed to violent/gory videos of animals being tortured and killed. I understand the idea behind it and the shock value they are striving for but it is not the best way to go. In my opinion.

The last thing you want is to desensitize your audience to violence. Especially when so many people have already chosen to ignore animal rights.

There is a reason why movies tend to be more “violence” friendly lately and horror movies have started to abuse jump scares. We are so used to it that people nowadays go out of their way to expose you to the extreme and get a reaction out of you.

I want my blog to remain as peaceful as possible and hope to touch more hearts by showing you the beautiful makeup and the gorgeous food you can eat without hurting a single soul.

Lots of Kisses




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